First off, our hearts go out to all of those whose lives have been personally touched by those that have been diagnosed with COVID-19. T.R.A.C. has and continues to take precautions in order for all to be able to remain safe whether they are at home or in the community.  All team members of the T.R.A.C. family are responsible for updating their processes and procedures that are recommended by medical doctors, MDHSS and the CDC. T.R.A.C. will continue to update the their processes and procedures as it is recommended for them to do so. 

T.R.A.C. Responds to COVID-19:

There is not a cure for COVID-19 and despite the fact that stay at home orders have and continue to be lifted, people are still at risk for contracting the virus. Therefore, T.R.A.C. is taking the following steps to assure the safety of their clients, the staff and the community.

1) All staff must answer the questions that have been recommended by the CDC to have them answer along with taking their temperature prior a minimum of 4 hours prior to going to meet a client face-to-face. 

2) Everyone must wear a mask and protective clothing when entering the clients' home. 

3) Everyone must wash and sanitize their hands before, after and throughout the session. 

4) Everyone must wear gloves when it is feasible to do so. 

5) Everyone must stay within 6 feet a part unless there is an emergency. 

6) All staff must answer the questions as recommended by the CDC along with taking their temperature prior to going on-site. 

ABA Therapy Session Structure (COVID-19):

The safety of our clients, their families and all employees is our first priority. All clients and their families can request sessions by via telehealth at any point in time. 

  • We recommend that sessions take place outside when it is doable and that all children and adults alike wear masks when they are at home and in the community. 
  • In the event a client requires materials that are in T.R.A.C.'s possession but have been used for a minimum of 72 hours, T.R.A.C. is responsible for outsourcing them elsewhere.
  • It is mandatory that all items be cleaned and sanitized after each use and that items are no longer shared between clients. 
  • Tote bags and materials have been and will continue to be assigned for each client and is to remain with the ABA Therapists. It is not recommended unless of an emergency to share materials even after they have been cleaned, sanitized and stored as outline in accordance with the CDC. 
  • 1 ABA Therapists per client with the least travel distance as possible to limit the need to refuel. 
  • Whenever possible, ABA Therapists will NOT be working with one family prior to traveling to another in the same day. In the event they must do so, it is required that they change clothes prior to seeing a client face-to-face.