Teacher Collaboration

The Therapy Research Autism Center believes that all goals can be reached more effectively and efficiently when all work together. Therefore, T.R.A.C. encourages families to invite them to attend any and all IEP meetings as well as to work with the teachers and the schools to have the opportunity to help the clients meet the goals of their instructors. 

Care Team Collaboration

In order for the client to become their best selves, T.R.A.C. encourages families to meet with all anyone that makes up the client's care team. We encourage families to reach out to all involved in order to determine how T.R.A.C can better meet the client's needs. 

T.R.A.C. and their Providers

Case managers are encouraged to attend any and all of our events at T.R.A.C. Our events include, but are not limited to our social skills camp, group instruction and circle time, meal time routines by age group, problem solving skills, potato sack racing and any other activity that makes up family fun days. 

T.R.A.C. and Their Families 

T.R.A.C. is committed to providing the best care for their clients in order for them to be able to defeat the obstacles associated with A.S.D. While we share the shock of the diagnosis with our families, T.R.A.C. is committed to resolving solutions within their research team and finding solutions that make one's diagnosis unrecognizable.