Verbal Behavior

T.R.A.C. is Proud to Specialize in the Area of Verbal Behavior

Functional Communication 

A functional relationship needs to be made between the undesired behaviors and what the client is aiming to communicate. T.R.A.C. specializes in shaping communication in order for one to be able to request their wants and needs.    

Listener Responding

Targets such as "Row, row, row, your_______(boat) " or "One, two, buckle your_______(shoe)" might be put in place in order for the client to be able to fill in the correct response. This and others might sound simple, however, it assists with one being able to communicate. 


When one makes eye contact with a desired item, lunges for something or challenging behaviors are observed T.R.A.C. views this as opportunities to shape functional language. T.R.A.C might differ from other providers due to the fact that both prompted and spontaneous mands are calculated throughout each session. These results too are shared weekly during family training on a weekly basis. By collecting the data for both prompted and spontaneous prompts, T.R.A.C. is able to put additional targets in place to assist in the formation of Functional Communication.